Aliens Among Us

One cold, pre-pandemic January day, my photography class made a visit to the on-campus greenhouse for an assignment. Here’s what I discovered.

The Stony Brook University Greenhouse has been invaded by creatures from outer space. Here’s the proof:

The Vine Visitor from Venus

The Vine Visitor from Venus cannot be contained. Here you see it trying to escape from captivity.

The Pod People

The Pod People are an alien species from deep below the Earth’s surface. They draw their victims close by popping the tiny tips of their bodies above the surface.

The Prickly Plutonian

The creatures of Pluto are very angry that their world is no longer counted as our Solar System’s 9th planet. They’ve sent these prickly creatures to Earth to take their revenge.

Stranger Things

These alien creatures from a triangular-shaped planet attack by using their odd appearance to bring their victims down to them for a closer look. And then, they sting!

Celestial Fruit

Coming to our world from the Planet Citrus, Celestial Fruit make themselves so appealing that you want to eat them. Once you do, they explode through your stomach!

Galactic Gold

Hailing from the flowery planet Galactic Gold, these peaceful aliens have settled on our planet to spread their beauty.

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