My Life as a Locked Down, but Not Out, Photographer

I’ve always loved taking photos and creating images. Especially when I’ve gone on vacation or go exploring the world around where I live. But with the COVID-19 virus making my world limited to my house, I’ve had to resort to focusing on my immediate surroundings and on myself (and I hate getting my picture taken) for photo subjects. Here are a series of photos that reflect my recent moods, both sad or lonely (self portraits) and happy (focused on my son).

Virtual Me

Inside Looking Out

Lockdown Locks

Zoom Me

Can I Touch My Face If I Wear Gloves?

The Photographer’s Eye

Corona Catch

Lockdown Love – My Son – The Best Part of Being Home

Note: This was originally created as a portrait project submission for a recent photography class. The photos were taken early in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic during lockdown.

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